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October 2, 2023
Make Every Order Magical
Food Delivery

For too long, food delivery apps have taken a blanket approach to reach their consumer base - blasting out the same suggested items, deals, and checkout flows to every single shopper. These cookie-cutter experiences frustrate consumers who want services tailored to their unique tastes and habits. One shopper may want to discover new cuisines and products, while another may need a quick, frictionless transaction. Trying to be everything to everyone waters down the experience overall. This is why food delivery platforms need to move beyond static recommendations and experiences. There is an urgent need for intelligent systems that cater to users’ individual needs in real time.

User Embeddings provides exactly that through adaptive algorithms that connect people with items and offers suited specifically for them. It enables the platform to build unique experiences for each shopper to curate variety, simplify their path to purchase, and incentivize transactions through relevant discounts.In short, you can easily leverage AI to inject adaptability, uniqueness, and resonance into every phase of the experience you serve. Our modular User Embeddings enable next-level personalization tuned to your business objectives.

To deliver these tailored experiences to your demographic, you can use configurable algorithms that learn and adapt to each user. Let's examine two examples.

The Discovery Algorithm

The Discovery Algorithm is an algorithm that promotes sampling new cuisines, restaurants, and grocery products aligned to the user's taste profile. It balances personalized suggestions based on interaction history with randomized discovery of variety by;

  • Use past interactions to generate users' embeddings that reflect flavor profile tendencies
  • Serving personalized recommendations or personalizing every search and category listing
  • Occasionally injecting unexpected suggestions to spur trial of new flavors

The Swift Checkout Algorithm

The Swift Checkout Algorithm is an algorithm that reduces friction during transactions by optimizing the interface with predictive suggestions, synthesized ratings, and bundled recommendations.

States can be used;

  • Discover: Recommends a wide selection of items
  • Personalized: Sharp recommendations based on previous interactions to get the right item to the user as fast as possible
  • Assist: Offer personalized deals at checkout and prevent any distractions.

The user moves through each state sequentially during the checkout process, receiving tailored suggestions and optimizations at each stage.

The future of food discovery is personal, generic experiences leave a bland taste in one’s mouth. To truly captivate and convert users, delivery platforms need to be unique and offer unique experiences. With User Embeddings, you can infuse uniqueness into each and every food delivery experience. Use our built-in algorithms or your own custom algorithms to blend advanced AI and imagination to craft captivation from combinations and elevate exploration. Make every order magical through purposeful personalization.

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