Maximize Engagement and
Minimize Churn for LLM Products
Each of your users is one-of-a-kind, and so are your AI products. FirstBatch optimizes embeddings for each user interaction, creating a unique AI journey for every user.
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Bring Intimacy to Your AI Applications
with User Embeddings
Craft immersive AI experiences that elevate engagement and revenue in seconds.
Tailor everything end-to-end
for your unique requirements.
Build Custom LLM
Personalization Algorithms
Tailor recommendations
uniquely for each user.
Create LLM CRMs From
Persistent User Sessions
Embed users in a vector space
to enable personal navigation.
Let Us Manage Every
Session for You
Generative AI
FirstBatch User Embeddings maps the mind of the user into personal AI memories. Every user prompt turns into a vector to enable Personal Generative AI experiences without any privacy concerns.
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Search & Discovery
FirstBatch powered AI search & discovery proactively anticipates the user's needs, providing experiences they will value.
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How To Use
User Embeddings
Easy to Integrate
FirstBatch's composable User Embeddings seamlessly integrates into your AI stack, enhancing its capabilities.
// Get your API key and environment from the Pinecone dashboard
api_key = os.environ["PINECONE_API_KEY"]
env = os.environ["PINECONE_ENV"]
// Initialize VectorDB of your choice
pinecone.init(api_key=api_key, environment=env)
index = pinecone.Index("your_index_name")
// Initialize FirstBatch and attach Pinecone as VectorDB
personalized = FirstBatch(api_key="FIRSTBATCH_API_KEY", **Config(embedding_size=1536).to_dict())
personalized.add_vdb("my_pinecone_db", Pinecone(index))
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