User Embeddings
Instant, Modular Personalization
User embeddings, compatible with all vector databases, enable instantly personalized experiences while ensuring personal and privacy-preserving memory for AI.
Personal, long-term memory for AI.
Upgrade your AI stack with user embeddings
User Embeddings
Vectoral representations of your users’ interests that allow you to build instant & hyper-personalized experiences powered by AI.
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Compatible With Your AI Stack
Turn user sign-ups into
Instant, Personalized Experiences
User Signs-up via Gmail
User credentials generated
User Embeddings Generated via Public Social Profile Data
User Experience will be personalized based on embeddings
No-login, Instantly Personalized Feeds
For Any Application
Without login, user navigates in website and interacts with different contents/products etc.
With the user actions, user embeddings will be generated.
Based on these embeddings, user experience will be personalized instantly by real-time personalized recommendations.
How To Use
User Embeddings
Easy to integrate
FirstBatch's modular user embedding service seamlessly integrates into your AI stack, enhancing its capabilities.
A Simple SDK
to generate users embeddings
Start generating user embeddings from off-platform user interest data simply by adding an SDK into your frontend.
// example codes will be released soon
Query For User Embeddings
to get personalized recommendations
With real time query mechanism, you can receive user embeddings to upgrade your vector search based recommendation engines built on your own AI stack. FirstBatch’s flexible query structure allows you to receive user embeddings that fill industry specific needs.
// example codes will be released soon
How to
Preserve Privacy?
User embeddings are stored via Zero-Knowledge(ZK) cryptography on HollowDB which means FirstBatch does not store any personal data of your users. ZK authentication is a method that allows users to prove their ownership on their data, without revealing any other information.