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How We Calculate
With user embeddings, you only pay for what you use. The core of our pricing is a cost-per-batch model, where the amount you pay per batch requests gradually decreases as your usage increases. There are also add-ons like custom models and persistent IDs that offer more advanced capabilities. Using custom models will moderately increase your per-batch cost, while enabling persistent IDs requires a small fixed fee per ID. There are no surprise costs or hidden fees - you always know exactly what you are paying for.
You only pay when you make a BATCH request in order to receive personalization. This ensures that you only pay when we bring value to you.
Persistent ID
When you want to identify session data and utilize it across different sessions to provide continuous personalization, we store it under a persistent ID.
Custom Algorithm
If you have custom needs, you can build your own custom algorithms with only a 20% fee increase per BATCH request.
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Industry and Monthly Visit inputs will be used for providing you an estimated BATCH request count. You can adjust BATCH request as you want, regardless of prior inputs.
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